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Information Governance is:

"Security, control, & optimization of information."

Or, in more detail:

"Policy-based control of information to maximize its value and meet legal, regulatory, risk, & business demands."

Information Governance:"The activities and technologies that organizations employ to maximize the value of their information while minimizing associated risks and costs."

              - IG Initiative   

Good Corporate Governance Requires Excellence in Information Governance


Our teaching faculty includes leading experts in the IG field who are subject matter experts (SME) in key areas such as taxonomy
design, digital preservation, social media governance, and data remediation (a/k/a 'defensible deletion on steroids').  We utilize the most advanced HD video virtual classroom technology to deliver our classes and use a variety of media and teaching methods including white papers, educational videos, whiteboard discussions, group “field trips” to view software demonstrations, quizzes to emphasize key learning points, and lectures.



Dr. Pat Franks, CRM, IGP

Charles Dollar & Lori Ashley

Training Attendee Comments: 

“The course allowed me to rethink how traditional records management practices can be adapted to current business challenges and technology challenges.”

​           - Senior Records Officer, National Credit Union

"I generally attend a major trade show. Trade show sessions are much more 'scattered' in their coverage of the full gamut of information needed to make the transformation from RM to IG."

           Records Management Program Lead, Fortune 500 Company 

“The information about information governance helped to clear up my confusion about the term.”

              Records Management Regional Head, Major U.S. Government agency


The Institute for Information Governance is dedicated to providing high-quality, high-value training in IG. We offer Basic and Advanced classes in Information Governance and Electronic Records Management (ERM). We deliver the classes live online, and also have them archived for on-demand viewing, anytime, anywhere, on (nearly) any device. We can also deliver on-site classes for groups of 5 or more.