International E-Records Standards

  • Benefits of Standards

  • Major International Standards

  • Additional Guidance from ANSI, ARMA, AIIM, NIST, BSI

  • Major National and Regional ERM Standards

  • Other National Standards

  • Where to Find More Information on ERM Standards

Metadata Governance, Standards, and Strategies

  • Types of Metadata

  • Core Metadata Issues

  • International Metadata Standards and Guidance

  • National Metadata Standards

  • Metadata Strategies

Long-Term Digital Preservation (Charles Dollar & Lori Ashley)

  • Defining Long-Term Digital Preservation

  • Key Factors in Long-Term Digital Preservation

  • Threats to Preserving Records

  • Digital Preservation Standards

  • PREMIS Preservation Metadata Standard

  • Recommended Open Standard Technology Neutral Format

  • Digital Preservation Requirements

  • Long-Term Digital Preservation Capability Maturity Model®

  • Scope of the Capability Maturity Model

  • Digital Preservation Capability Performance Metrics

  • Digital Preservation Strategies and Techniques

  • Evolving Marketplace

  • Looking Forward

Storage and Hardware Considerations

  • The Onslaught of “Big Data”

  • Basic Types of Computer Storage

  • Today’s E-Records Storage Solutions

  • Nonerasable Nonrewritable Requirement for Securities Broker-Dealers

  • Nonalterable Media Helps Meet Regulations in Healthcare and Other Industries


 Review and Discussion of Day Two Topics 


REVIEW OF ERM-B Course Topics (Chapters 1-10 in Managing Electronic Records)

Managing E-Mail and IM Records

  • Employees Regularly Expose Organizations to E-Mail Risk

  • E-Mail Polices Should Be Realistic and Technology Agnostic

  • E-Record Retention: Fundamentally a Legal Issue

  • Preserve E-Mail Integrity and Admissibility with Automatic Archiving

  • Instant Messaging

  • Best Practices for Business IM Use

  • Technology to Monitor IM

  • Tips for Safer IM

Managing E-Records in the Cloud

  • Defining Cloud Computing

  • Key Characteristics of Cloud Computing

  • What Cloud Computing Really Means

  • Cloud Deployment Models

  • Greatest Security Threats to Cloud Computing

  • IG Guidelines: Managing Documents and Records in the Cloud

  • Managing E-Docs and Records in the Cloud: A Practical Approach

  • Long-Term Content Migration Issues

  • Cloud Services Lack Basic Records Management Capabilities

Managing Social Media Business Records ( Dr. Pat Franks)

  • Types of Social Media in Web 2.0

  • Additional Social Media Categories

  • Social Media in the Enterprise

  • Key Ways Social Media Is Different from E-Mail and Instant Messaging

  • Biggest Risks of Social Media

  • Legal Risks of Social Media Posts

  • Tools to Archive Social Media

  • IG Considerations for Social Media

  • Key Social Media Policy Guidelines

  • Records Management Considerations for Social Media

  • Emerging Best Practices for Managing Social Media Records

  • SharePoint Governance for E-Records and Documents

  • Process Change, People Change

  • Where to Begin the Planning Process

  • Records Management Policy Considerations

  • Roles and Responsibilities

  • Establish Processes

  • Training Plan

  • Communications Plan


Review and Discussion of Day One Topics

Day One Practice Test


Syllabus (for Online Classes - Classroom is Compressed)

Electronic Records Management Training


E-Records Project Planning and Program Management Issues

  • Avoiding Problems

  • Communication Is Key

  • Getting an Early Win

  • Selecting the Right Team Members

  • Project Charter

  • Standards in Project Management

  • Project Management Methodologies

  • Determining the Best Approach

  • Moving to an Ongoing Program

  • Monitoring and Accountability

  • Continuous Process Improvement

  • Why Continuous Improvement Is Needed

Building the Business Case to Justify an ERM Program

  • Determine What Will Fly in Your Organization

  • Strategic Business Drivers for Project Justification

  • Benefits of Electronic Records Management

  • Presenting the Business Case

Securing Executive Sponsorship

  • Executive Sponsor Role

  • Project Manager: Key Tasks

  • It’s the Little Things

  • Evolving Role of the Executive Sponsor

Procurement Governance: The Buying Process

  • Evaluation and Selection Process: RFI, RFP, or RFQ?

  • Evaluating Software Providers: Key Criteria

  • Negotiating Contracts: Ensuring the Decision

  • More Contract Caveats

  • How to Pick a Consulting Firm: Evaluation Criteria

Best Practices for Electronic Records Management

  • Detailed ERM Best Practices

  • Conclusion


Review and Discussion of Days 1-3 Topics

Final Exam 

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