Our IG for Executives online training is a 3-hour “crash course” for executives considering IG programs. We hit the high points from an executive perspective and keep it straightforward and clear. You come away with actionable knowledge imparted by experts after investing just one afternoon of your time.

Included in the course is a free copy ($49 value) of Robert Smallwood’s new book, Information Governance for Executives: Fundamentals and Strategies (2016).

So you will have that resource to keep with you as a reference as you move forward with your IG program.


3-hour Live Class with Robert Smallwood

or take the 2-hour on demand class and receive a

free copy of the book - for only $129!

Information Governance for Executives - Agenda

What is IG?

  • Business Rationale for IG Programs

  • Examples of Major IG Failures

  • Why “Keep Everything Forever” Approach Is Not Viable

Why Do You Need IG?

  • Big Data Impact
  • ROT & low value info
  • Why "Keep Everything Forever" Won't Work

Who Should Be a Part of Your IG Team?

  • Key Impact Areas

  • Tier Your IG Steering Committee

Have a Question?  Please Ask!

How to Implement IG

  • Crucial Executive Sponsor Role

  • Introducing the Chief IG Officer

  • Constructing Your IG Framework

  • Key IG-enabling Technologies

Where Do You Start with an IG Program?

  • 7 Key Accelerators

​Building the Business Case

  • Developing the Cost Justification to Move Forward​

Overseeing the IG Program

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Information Governance Training

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