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Total time: 9 Hours, 41 Minutes

Cost: $299

IG Advanced Concepts & Best Practices (IG-A)

​​IG Basics – Intensive Review Session

IG Concepts, Definitions, & Principles

  • ​The Onslaught of Big Data and the IG Imperative
  • IG, IT Governance, Data Governance: What’s the Difference?
  • IG Principles

IG Risk Assessment and Strategic Planning

  • Information Risk Planning and Management         
  • Strategic Planning & Best Practices for IG         
  • IG Policy Development

Five IG Key Impact Areas        

  • Business Considerations for a Successful IG Program – Barclay Blair, IG Initiative
  • IG and Legal Functions
  • IG and RIM Functions
  • IG and IT Functions
  • IG and Privacy & Security Functions

Long Term IG Program Issues

  • Long Term Digital Preservation – Charles Dollar 
  • Digital Preservation Maturity Model – Lori Ashley
  • Maintaining an IG Program and Culture of Compliance

Information Organization & Classification       

  • Taxonomy & Metadata Considerations for IG

IG Basic Concepts & Fundamentals (IG-B)


IG Concepts, Definitions, & Principles

  • The Onslaught of Big Data and the IG Imperative
  • IG, IT Governance, Data Governance: What’s the Difference?
  • IG Principles

IG Risk Assessment and Strategic Planning

  • Information Risk Planning and Management
  • Strategic Planning & Best Practices for IG
  • IG Policy Development

IG for Information Delivery Platforms

  • IG for Email and Instant Messaging
  • IG for Social Media – Dr. Pat Franks
  • IG for Mobile Devices
  • IG for Cloud Computing – Robert Smallwood w/ Monica Crocker
  • SharePoint IG – Monica Crocker w/ Robert Smallwood

Total time: 6 Hours, 29 Minutes

Cost: $199

Full On-Demand IG Courses

Entire courses are available on demand as well.

Total time: 1 Hour, 3 Minutes

Cost: $99

Information Organization & Classification: Taxonomy & Metadata Considerations for IG

Long Term Digital Preservation &

Digital Preservation Capability Maturity Model

Presented by Charles Dollar & Lori Ashley

Total time: 2 Hours, 3 Minutes

Cost: $149

Social Media Policy, Governance &

Records Management Issues

presented by Dr. Patricia Franks, PhD, CRM, IGP

Total time: 56 Minutes

Cost: $79

IG Information Technology Functions

Details of IT governance and frameworks like CoBIT, ITIL, ISO 38500; also information management, data modeling, data governance, database activity monitoring, database security and compliance.

Total time: 40 Minutes

Cost: $79

IG and Privacy & Security Functions

Preventing cyberattacks on confidential information; countering the malicious insider; limitations of perimeter security; defense in depth; identity access management; privacy laws, redaction; rules & permissions, and more.

Total time: 38 Minutes

Cost: $79

IG and Records & Information Management Functions

A summary of essential RIM activities in an IG program.

Total time: 1 Hour, 35 Minutes

Cost: $79

IG and Legal Functions

Covers everything from FRCP rule changes, to e-discovery, to data remediation strategies. Also, the intersection of IG and E-discovery. Contributors  include Randy Kahn, Esq., and Barry Murphy.

Total time: 1 Hour, 12 Minutes

Cost: $99

Individual IG Modules

Focused short course topics.

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Information Governance for Executives - Course Outline

What is IG?
Business Rationale for IG Programs
Examples of Major IG Failures
Why “Keep Everything Forever” Approach Is Not Viable

​Why Do You Need IG?
Big Data Impact
ROT & low value info
Why "Keep Everything Forever" Won't Work

Who Should Be a Part of Your IG Team?
Key Impact Areas
Tier Your IG Steering Committee

How to Implement IG
Crucial Executive Sponsor Role
Introducing the Chief IG Officer
Constructing Your IG Framework
Key IG-enabling Technologies

Where Do You Start with an IG Program?
7 Key Accelerators

​Building the Business Case
Developing the Cost Justification to Move Forward​

Overseeing the IG Program


Total time: 2 Hours, 5 Minutes

Cost: $129

(includes free copy

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