Day Two - (3 hours online, 1pm-4pm Eastern Time)

Strategic Planning and Best Practices for InfoGov

Crucial Executive Sponsor Role

Evolving Role of the Executive Sponsor

Building Your IG Team

Assigning IG Team Roles and Responsibilities

Align Your IG Plan with Organizational Strategic Plans

Survey and Evaluate External Factors

Formulating the IG Strategic Plan

Information Governance Policy Development

A Brief Review of Generally Accepted Recordkeeping Principles®

IG Reference Model

Best Practices Considerations

Standards Considerations

Benefits and Risks of Standards

Key Standards Relevant to IG Efforts

Major National and Regional ERM Standards

Making Your Best Practices and Standards Selections to Inform

Your IG Framework

Roles and Responsibilities

Program Communications and Training

Program Controls, Monitoring, Auditing and Enforcement

Open Q & A Discussion and Homework Reading Assignment

Quiz - Day 2 Risk Assessment, Strategic Planning & Policy Develoment

How to Implement IG
Crucial Executive Sponsor Role
Introducing the Chief IG Officer
Constructing Your IG Framework
Key IG-enabling Technologies

Where Do You Start with an IG Program?
7 Key Accelerators

Building the Business Case
Developing the Cost Justification to Move Forward​

Overseeing the IG Program

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What is IG?
Business Rationale for IG Programs
Examples of Major IG Failures
Why “Keep Everything Forever” Approach Is Not Viable

Why Do You Need IG?
Big Data Impact

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Why "Keep Everything Forever" Won't Work

Who Should Be a Part of Your IG Team?
Key Impact Areas
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Day Three- (3 hours online, 1pm-4pm Eastern Time)

Establishing IG Business Integration and Oversight

Define the current state of business processes

Define the current state of technology use in business processes

Align the IG framework with business area requirements

Participate in information management decisions

Aligning Technology with the IG framework

Identify how technology is used in the business

Monitor and evaluate technology trends

Evaluate hardware, software, and data life cycles

Align the IG strategic plan and framework with the IT strategy and operations

Open Q & A

IGP Practice Exam (30 mins)

Final Q & A, Homework Assignment and Wrap Up

Day One - (3 hours LIVE Instruction online, 1pm-4pm ET)

Pre-test on IG Basics (30 minutes)

Information Governance Principles

10 Information Governance Principles

11 Principles of IG from the Sedona Conference

8 Generally Accepted Recordkeeping Principles®

Assessment and Improvement Roadmap

Information Governance Risk Assessment and Strategic Planning

Information Risk Planning and Management

Step 1: Survey and Determine Legal and Regulatory Applicability and Requirements

Step 2: Specify IG Requirements to Achieve Compliance

Step 3: Create a Risk Profile

Step 4: Perform Risk Analysis and Assessment

Step 5: Develop an Information Risk Mitigation Plan

Step 6: Develop Metrics and Measure Results

Step 7: Execute Your Risk Mitigation Plan

Step 8: Audit the Information Risk Mitigation Program

Open Q & A Discussion and Homework Reading Assignment