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Charmaine Brooks, CRM, has 25+ years’ experience in the full lifecycle management of records and information field of management. Ms. Brooks is a lead instructor for our electronic records management (ERM) classroom courses. She has been responsible for managing multi-year and complex projects. She has been the corporate records manager for a global semi-conductor manufacturer, manager at a records management software development company and a consultant for records and information management. She has been involved in a number of taxonomy projects for ECM/RM implementations, Oracle Fixed RM, FileNet, MS SharePoint, and others.

Robin Woolen, MBA, IGP has worked in the field of information lifecycle management since 1994 with a specialty in strategic consulting focused on enterprise-scale information management systems. His career includes both Public and Private sectors with a client list from the nation’s top 25 cities and the Fortune 500. Mr. Woolen is a recognized leader in the field of information governance and a national speaker teaching others how to improve their own programs. Mr. Woolen holds a Masters of Business Administration in Management of Information Systems from Park University and is one of the first class to earn the certified Information Governance Professional from ARMA International, the authority on governing information as a strategic asset.

Charmaine Brooks, CRM

Robin Woolen, MBA, IGP

Information Governance Education Experts

Dr. Patricia Franks, CRM, IGP

Dr. Patricia Franks, CRM, IGP, is a certified records manager and the coordinator for the Master of Archives and Records Administration degree program in the School of Library and Information Science at San José State University. She served as the team lead for both the ANSI/ARMA standard released in January of 2011, Implications of Web-based Collaborative Technologies in Records Management, and the 2012 technical report, Using Social Media in Organizations.  Her latest publication, Records and Information Management  (ALA Neal-Schuman, 2013) offers insight into a range of topics affecting records and information management professionals.

Baird Brueseke is a cyber-security policy and controls expert, with special expertise in vulnerability assessments and gap analysis. WIth over 30 years experience in the technology field, Mr. Brueseke is co-author of a patent on cloud-based instruction, and a frequent speaker and instructor on cyber-security topics. He is a co-founder and a board member of the Cyber-Security Institute of San Diego and worked on developing the NIST cyber-security framework. He also was the co-founder of Wheb systems, which developed and marketed the first Windows-based electronic forms processing system which could read handwriting. Wheb, through growth and acquisitions became Captiva, a company with over $400 million in revenues. Mr. Brueseke is active in AIIM International and has served as the San Diego chapter president.

Baird Brueseke, IGP, CIP, ECMp

Additional instructors include Barb Blackburn, CRM, Paula Lederman, MLIS, James Just and other leading subject matter experts to provide students with a comprehensive training program covering all aspects of IG and ERM.

Robert F. Smallwood, MBA, CIP, IGP is an industry-leading author, keynote speaker, consultant, and educator. With six published books on IG and another on the way, he is the world's leading IG author, blogger, and trainer, and our lead instructor. Mr. Smallwood is author of the pioneering text Information Governance: Concepts, Strategies, and Best Practices (Wiley, 2014). In 2016 he published Information Governance for Executivesand Introduction to Information Governance. He is a founding partner of IMERGE Consulting and heads up the Institute for Information Governance. Mr. Smallwood has over 25 years of experience in the information technology industry and holds an MBA from Loyola University of New Orleans.  He has been recognized as one of the Top Contributors to the IG Industry by the 2014-2016 Information Governance Conference. In addition to teaching IG courses, he consults with Fortune 500 companies and governments to assist them in making technology decisions and implementations. Some of his past research and consulting clients include the World Bank, NASA, Novartis Pharma, Sidley Austin LLP, Kirkland & Ellis LLP, Troutman Sanders Law Firm, BDO, KPMG, FTI Consulting, Johnson & Johnson, Apple, Pacific Gas & Electric, AT&T, the Supreme Court of Canada, and IBM. Smallwood was an AIIM International chapter founder and president, and a member of the executive committee of the Board of Directors, and is active in ARMA International.  Mr. Smallwood has published more than 100 articles and given more than 50 conference  presentations on documents, records, and content management. He is also the author of Managing Electronic Records: Methods, Best Practices, and Technologies  (Wiley, 2013); Safeguarding Critical E-Documents  (Wiley, 2012); Taming the Email Tiger  (Bacchus, 2008) and several other books, including a novel, a theatrical play, and the first published personal account of Hurricane Katrina.

Robert F. Smallwood, MBA, CIP, IGP