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"The first book to articulate a truly holistic approach to IG."

     - Barclay T. Blair, IG Initiative

"A comprehensive and authoritative resource on the management of electronic records never before available."

     - Robert F. Williams, Cohasset Associates

"There is no better or more timely book about IG on the shelves today."

     - Thornton May, Futurist and Author of The               New Know: Innovation Powered by Analytics

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Our courses are based on leading IG texts authored by lead researcher Robert Smallwood In collaboration with 9 top subject matter experts in IG and ERM. These are the most comprehensive books in the world on IG topics, fully documented with over 600 citations in each text, and with a listing of Key Points at the end of each chapter.


We offer valuable printed or downloadable resources on a wide range of topics and issues relating to IG and ERM. Our research is complied and analyzed by leading experts in industry standards, strategies, technologies, and best practices.