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“I was shocked at how well the technology worked!” 


“Fantastic class! We are sending 2 more people for the next IG Basics class, and I am going to the next Advanced class.”

“The information about information governance helped to clear up my confusion about the term.”

“The course allowed me to rethink how traditional records management practices can be adapted to current business challenges and technology challenges.”

“The webinars provided a useful mixture of current ERM capabilities.”

“I chose this class (in lieu of attending a major conference this year) because the topics are perfect and timely!” 

Information Governance Training Options


Student attendees who successfully complete a course and pass the tests and final exam will receive a Certificate of Completion from the Institute for Information Governance. This can help advance your career, as you'll have the latest information and tools to drive successful IG programs, and a support community of experts and practitioners.


Interested in bolstering your career with the latest knowledge of Best Practices and technologies for Information Governance and Managing Electronic Records?  Get the best LIVE online training available – with NO travel costs!! 


Online Training Classes – Anywhere 24/7 – Saves Time & Costs.  We offer on-demand, streaming HD videos by leading experts in  Information Governance (IG) & Electronic Records Management (ERM).  

Full Courses:

Complete IG and ERM courses are available on demand which can be viewed anytime, anywhere, on most any device.

​Individual Modules:

You may purchase individual modules on key IG and ERM topics to meet your focused training needs. The modules are up-to-date  and continually updated as new information becomes available.